Friday, April 23, 2010

Michael Miniatures George I Bust - Preview

Let me be the first to show everyone the newest upcoming release from Michael Miniatures - George I King of Great Britain and Ireland from August 1st 1714 until his death and ruler of Hannover from 1698 (1660-1727). This beauty is sculpted by Aaron Brown and is my newest project. I will be doing a step by step for the blog as I paint this bust for the boxart and wanted to start by showing the raw casting and all of it's detail. The kit consists of two pieces, with the body being the largest and the small knotted section being seperate. Casting is perfect with all the details you would expect from this firm and sculptor. This bust offers a lot of challenge to the painter as the lace detail, blue and red velvet, satin and awards allow for a lot of different techniques on one piece. So stay tuned as we tackle this beauty over the next three weeks. Then you should contact your dealer for one of these for your own collection.


  1. Fantastic bust ... will monitor the progress ....

  2. hello Jim, finally found your site.we met a few years ago at euro militaire, along with martin livingston. its good to see your still painting. i am enjoying following your projects and will follow this bust with great interest. i agree it is a beautiful casting and will be interested to see the methods you use as i also paint in oils. regards sturat.