Monday, April 26, 2010

Michael Miniatures George I - Post #3

OK, so like I said - I hate having something out there that looks so incomplete. So despite the fact that it has that glossy newly painted look I wanted everyone to see the painted mantel. I said in my previous post that I planned to mix Prussian Blue and Ultramarine Blue but after experimenting for about five minutes ( and really, I think I knew this would happen) I wasn't getting the highlight tones that I wanted so in the end I mixed Prussian Blue with Indigo, both from W&N. So after applying the deep base color I proceeded to stipple mix Titanium White into the highlights to develop the first soft highlights that you will see in the larger rolling folds of the velvet. Right now the bust is drying under the lamps in the basement and I will continue tomorrow night with any crisp highlights needed in the blue mantel and start working the final highlights and shadows in the face.

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  1. Jim, Looking good, I really like this bust. If you want traffic on your blog you need to edit the posting that appears in the section of Planet figure that contains blog threads. The reason being that every posting you make appears in it's entirety on Pf giving the viewer no need to come to your blog. Just go into your postings for blogs and click on EDIT. If you delete the pictures that appear there folks will need to come to your blog if they want to see the project you're talking about. ~Gary