Monday, April 19, 2010

Joseph II Emperor of Austria Bust post #3

I'm putting up two "in-progress" pics here as I near completion of this bust. I feel that by next Monday or Tuesday at the latest it will be completed. That being said there is a lot to do at this point. I am working on slowly bringing the lace at the sleeve and collar up to snuff. Although very hard to see in these pics I have been working the center stripe of the sash with light linear lines of color to simulate the silk. It's one of those things that will only show in real life ( I took 8 photos with three different backgrounds trying to get it to show.). Next will be the two red stripes which I start tomorrow. The waistcoat has been painted but will receive a light coat of pearlescent white to replicate the silk. The gold lace has been given a wash of Burnt Umber before starting work. The medals/awards/orders are basecoated prior to picking out all the individual jewels and metallic bits. I will also work on the collar, cuffs and piping/lining of the coat a lot more. Like I said, lots to do but very close to completion.

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