Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alive History 54mm Punic Wars Figures

Over the past few years I have made it fairly obvious that my thing is really ancients and for the most part anything Roman. Recently I was introduced through my participation in the MedRom Forum, to a new company from Russia named "Alive History Miniatures". This company started with a limited release line of 54mm figures that is planned to include around thirty figures once complete, depicting a large skirmish of Romans and Iberian Celts from the Second Punic Wars. The series is limited to 25 figures each and yet is priced like any normal figure line. As you can see from the photo above I committed to the first four figures to see how the line looked and have now made plans to purchase all of the company's future releases. The figures are cast and posed well with extremely nice detail especially on the weapons and equipment. All swords, spears, etc are made from stainless steel so that they will not arrive bent. This is a real plus for me and I was impressed with their quality and realism. The anatomy of the first figure (slinger) was a bit off in the
calves but subsequent figures have improved with each release. If you are interested in these figures they can be seen and ordered at Alive History Miniatures. There are currently three more figures available in the line with subsequent releases coming soon. I will be putting together some in depth reviews and build/paint posts soon so stay tuned.

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