Monday, October 4, 2010

Art Girona 54mm King David - Update #1

I have been moving right along on this great little figure from Art Girona. The face is nearly done with highlighting yet to complete on the hair and few last bright highlights on the skin. The helmet metal and torso armor are nearly complete as I slowly work my way down the figure. The armor started as a mixture of Burnt Umber, Mars Black and Gold Printers Ink in a medium of Grumbacher Medium #2. This medium is what I use for all my printers inks as it gives a nice carrier for the inks and smells nice and citrus (OK, I'm joking there but it does smell nice). Once dry. I gave the armor a wash of Mars Black, then worked in some more black as a rub in the shadow areas. This gives the nice patina expected on bronze armor. Final highlights are straight gold ink. The leather was Mars Brown and Mars Black with black shadows and Mars Brown, Yellow Ochre and Titanium White highlights. The lacing is Mars Orange and will receive additional highlights once dry with a bit of yellow ochre and white added to the Mars Orange. The turban on the helmet has yet to be highlighted with white. Jesus Gamarra's box art for the kit has a blue sash but I am toying with doing something a bit more "textured" as I envision a woven cloth for this time period rather than something opulent as you would expect in later times.


  1. Wow, .... fantastic work.... congratulations.......

  2. Looking great so far, Jim. I like this figure alot, too and you're doing it justice!

  3. Thank you both. I am very happy with how this one is coming least so far.