Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EMI 54mm Etruscan Warrior VIII Cent. BC

Here we have one of the last figures that EMI released in their "Gladius" series, an Etruscan Warrior from the VIII century BC. This is one of two such studies of this subject released by EMI. The first was a very nice figure (also by Laruccia) showing a warrior celebrating over a funerary pit. This release shows how Laruccia has matured as a sculptor with amazing detail and personality. This is a wonderful figure that comes with two separate shield and spear choices. One shield is oval and leather covered, the second is round, bronze and highly detailed. The later was chosen for this figure. Unfortunately the more elaborate spear was damaged beyond repair in packaging and shipping (Why I like the steel weapons from Alive History's new kits) so I am forced to use the more simple spear. The figure has been primed and is shown resting in it's mounting holes. I will be painting the figure on a separate working base as the groundwork would preclude access to the back of the figure. Lots of Earthen Red and Bronze on this figure so it will be quite dynamic and colorful. The groundwork was created using some of the twigs I have gathered on outings locally, epoxy putty, a stone or two from the garden and primed for paint.

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