Monday, October 4, 2010

EMI 5th Macedonian Legion in Egypt 540 AD Completed

Well, at last I am nearly done. Other than a few little touch ups and some weathering on the shield this figure is done. It has been a lot of fun and really a very basic out of the box project. I have had the kit for many years and the quality stands up to everything Adriano Laruccia is doing today (for the most part). Fit and quality of casting were good except for the two part cast base which required quite a bit of work to get aligned. I miss these little vignettes in a box from EMI and am very glad that Masterclass is beginning to re-release many of these classic kits. I haven't seen any of them yet so I can't comment on their castings, but the sculpting is top notch.


  1. Hi Jim, lovely model. The only thing i would have add to the shield was weathering but you already mentioned it. Nice work!