Monday, November 22, 2010

More New Figures Prepped for Winter Painting

Two more 54mm figures are prepped and primed for painting. Both are from Soldiers, the first being SR-02, a Roman Aquilifer from the time of Caesar (1st Cent. BC) and the second SR-25 A Roman Centurian from Legio XX Valeria Victrix, (1st Cent. AD). Again it is interesting to compare the work of Laruccia with a few years of growth and development of his skills as seen in these two great figures. The first is a favorite of mine due to the dramatic pose, something rarely seen in these figures. The second has a real nice feel to the figure with a bit of a haughty air, something you would expect of a Centurian in the Roman Army in that period. The figure is based on the grave stele of Marcus Favonius Facilis in the Colchester and Essex Museum, Colchester U.K. I have depicted the figure walking down the road in Britannia, while the first is obviously in battle, most probably against the Celts that so made Caesar's military career.

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