Sunday, November 14, 2010

Two completed Projects - Clearing Space For New Projects

It's always nice to get done with a project, especially one that has been on the bench for what seems an eternity. I managed to get two things completed and in the case while starting two more projects.

The first item is the Gladiator vignette that has been "in progress" for years. This really was done a few months ago but just sat there waiting for a few small detail touches and the addition of the sword blade on the Retiarius. I finally took the time to get it done after realizing I needed the space for my new projects. The second was the completion of King David from Art Girona's "Historical" line.

Both pieces were very nice projects that have allowed me to test some new techniques for metallic finishes, controlling the sheen of oil paints as well as creating nameplates using Microsoft Office Publisher. I am now printing these onto bright white sticker sheets and applying them to the completed base. I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out.

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  1. Nice pieces Jim! Will provide some more comments MedRom when time permits.