Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soldiers 54mm Marcus Aurelius - Update #4

I have been working on the Soldiers Marcus Aurelius piece a bit more. The front "shaded" side of the figure is nearing basic completion. The back "lit" side of the figure will continue to get lighter and brighter with more coats of white as I build the glaze up to pure white highlights. Once completed the figure will be attached to the base seen below. At that time further refinement of shadows as well as creation of the shadows on the base will be worked. You can't really visualize these things until the two come together.

The marble ground in the base was created from sheet plastic, which was scribed to represent the sections of stone/marble seen here. I used washes and splatters of oils to create the impression of variegated stone. The trick is to mask all but one section at a time, applying the finish, re-masking then moving to the next section. Once completed the pattern is guaranteed to appear random as seen here. The next post will be with the two components assembled. Stay tuned.


  1. Looking good Jim. Great little sbs on how you did the faux marble base. ~Gary

  2. Thanks Gary. I'm working on him as we type. More highlights and probably attached to the base by tomorrow night. Cleaned up two more Soldiers kits today so will have new projects kicking in soon. ~Jim

  3. Really nice one, Jim. Love the marble and your painting on the robe looks great, too.