Sunday, February 13, 2011

54mm Villanovan - Update #4

While I am waiting for one of my other figures to dry a bit I thought it would be nice to work on this piece. It has been awhile and I have been hesitating due to my indecisive nature. I need to tackle the bands of color around the hem of the figures tunic. I have seen this figure most often painted with solid color ribbons but I would like to paint a geometric pattern as this appears in many references. The problem with painting figures from this far back in history is frequently a lack of reference on things such as this. Frequently the best way to proceed is to research decorative patterns on those items that do still exist, such as pottery, architecture or any other decorative art from the culture that has survived. If you find common patterns then it is usually a safe bet that they would have been used on clothing as well.

In the meantime I did further shading on the tunic, outlining belts and equipment with thinned Raw Umber. I then applied my bronze undercoat of gold printer inks mixed with Burnt Umber. Once dry this will receive further washes of Burnt Umber and Mars Black as well as specific shading in the darker areas with those same colors applied as a light shadow rub (thinned to a glaze but rubbed into shadows with a soft brush to filter the underlying colors).

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