Thursday, February 3, 2011

Soldiers SR-50 Praetorian Guard 4th Cent. AD

Two weeks ago I started this new figure from Soldiers. The kit is SR-50 and is a 54mm Praetorian Guard from the reign of Massentius in the early 4th century AD. As with all of their kits, this one is a beauty. I have gotten quite far in a short period of time but as always the devil is in the details and with this kit there will be a lot of detail work on the tunic (hems and sleeves). In an effort to ease my work on the face as well as the details around the collar and mantle I have left the head separate for now. Once the figure is further along and I can attach the two pieces that make up the trailing mantle, basecoat and paint, the head will remain separate.

The face was fun to paint and I have a bit more work to do on the leather edges of the helmet, cheek and neckguards as well as the stitching and the painted frame for the crest. In my second post you will see my progress on the groundwork.


  1. Hello Jim,

    the face is absolutely fantastic! (The other figure also).
    I am looking forward especially for your Saxon Warlord
    Vignette, because I also read in the moment Bernad Cornwell
    „Saxon Stories“.
    Please excuse my bad english because it is long time ago
    I learned it at school and unfortunately I was a bad school-boy.

    With best regards


  2. Thank you for your kind words.