Saturday, February 19, 2011

54mm Villanovan Update #6

A busy day here at the workbench, with the winter weather returning with vengeance. While it snowed and the wind blew outside, I was able to get a lot of detail work completed and there is light at the end of the tunnel for this wonderful little figure. The more I work on the figure, the more I appreciate the sculpting of all the little details. These figures give the painter so much to work with.

I began by working on the boots and belts. Yellow Ochre and Burnt Umber along with a bit of Van Dyke Brown were lightened with Titanium White (separately, not all together) to begin working in "wear" on the boots. The use of these three tones vary the weathering to such an extent to add more realism to the finish. Using only one tone would have simply made the boots monochromatic to the eye. Further use of the Van Dyke Brown/White mix on the straps of the boots added further variation. After these photos were taken I edged the straps with pure Titanium White to make them more crisp. After the boots I edged the straps for the breastplate with Mars Brown and Tit. White followed by light wear cracks of Yellow Ochre and Tit. White. These are too faint and small to appear in the photos but they are there.

Finally I painted the ropes with Yellow Ochre and highlighted, followed by final highlighting of all the bronze armor and the funerary shield which I attached to the completed groundwork. All that remains is to attach the figure to the base after it dries, paint the spear and finish painting the shield. Various details remain but these can be painted once the figure is united with the base. I think it may well be completed by the end of next weekend. Enjoy!

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