Monday, March 14, 2011

Saxon Warlord Vignette - Update #5

The fun part has begun after weeks of preparation. I began as always with the flesh (what little there is of it. Facial features on these figures aren't as pronounced as some but it's all there I would have liked to have applied some darker shadows and may well go back in once I get further along.  I have a very difficult time when the face is set so deep in closed helmet spaces.

The fur was started with washes of Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber. This is really just a base tone or undertone for all the colors to come.

My technique with armor like this is to apply three colors as washes, each one day apart from one another to allow for drying. The first is Prussian Blue,  second is Dioxazine Purple and lastly Black, either Mars or Lamp. As each dries and prior to adding the next, I use an old cotton t-shirt to rub the excess off. I find that this bit of color on a smaller figure gives a nice appearance of reflected color once the rest of the figure is painted. Against the surrounding white primed surfaces it simply looks like what it is, blue, purple black. Wait until I get further along and be the judge. On larger figures (120mm and above, busts, etc) I will not use the blue and purple, but may well add a thin reflection of what ever color surrounds that area of armor prior to working with the black. In the larger scale you need to be specific with your color use for scale realism.


  1. Love that purple in the metals - looks pretty cool! About waiting time for washes to dry i recently bhought a small travel hair dryer and oh yeah even without hair i start to feel young again, so much more time and it goes fasssstttttt!! Keep on happy painting Jim! Roman

  2. Hello Jim,
    thank you very much for your kind mail.
    You have really much to paint in the moment!
    All the figures looks beautiful. I loved the
    armour.It looks absolutly realistic. Your description of your paintings are very helpful!
    All the best,