Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MMSI Chicago 2011 - Part 2

Exhibitors like Doug Cohen, Rod Curtis, Anders Heintz, Matt Wellhauser and others, proved that we do have a strong body of quality painters here in the US and Canada. With visitors like Mike Blank and Stephen Mallia you can't go wrong. This was equally represented in the Fantasy categories which will be seen in my third post.

Continuing in the Historical vein, Jason Green has an amazing display of work, including both busts and full figures. I think Jason is the star for Mike Cramer at Michael/United Miniatures. His box art busts were amazingly well painted and his full figures were equally well done.

Dan Capuano has been a prolific painter and modeler of all things WWII and his huge display at this year's show was quite impressive. As can be seen below, he works in every scale from 90mm to 200mm as well as busts. I am sure that over time as his skills continue to evolve and his artistic vision grows he will be a force to be reckoned with.

My old buddy Chris Mrosko represented extremely well this year with his "Congolese 1st Armored Brigade" a spooky trio on a Type 69 Hybrid resplendent with skulls. I'm not really an armor guy but I really loved this piece. Well done Chris!

There were lots more figures, dioramas and vehicles of all types, including a pretty cool box diorama from Lewis Pruneau, depicting the burning crash of the Hindenburg. More photos are out there so check out the postings on various forums for more goodies. I was fortunate as one of the judges to have the luxury of getting lots of opportunities to take good long looks at the work. This is one of the best avenues for learning other peoples techniques. I always recommend attending shows if you want to grow as a modeler. Ask questions of those whose work you respect, you'll be surprised what you may learn.

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