Saturday, October 29, 2011

Romeo 54-035 Teutonic Knight mid XIII Cent. - Update #2

In an effort to have at least one new figure completed for the Long Island Show besides von Mackensen, I have been working on this little figure from Romeo. The tunic was completed today, minus pure white edging and a bit of dirt that will be added once the figure is based. I did a bit more shadow work on the mail arms and head using the same mixture that I used to do the deep shadow outline washes on the tunic (Mars Black and Raw Umber). I need to do the same with his legs before starting on the leather belt and scabbard. Shield has been primed and the tedious Teutonic heraldry will begin this week as well. I also want to add further highlights to the face tonight as it is showing way to dark in all that white.

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