Thursday, October 27, 2011

Von Mackensen - Progress Report #2

I started painting the tunic last night as well as a bit more work on the colpack (Prussian busby).

What you see here is my initial mid tone highlighted and shadowed tones on the tunic. Photos of actual coats show a variety of grayish green tones. To get the initial colors I used Rembrandt Greenish Umber, W&N Titanium White and a bit of W&N Mars Black to grey out the greenish tones a tad. Once applied I went in and roughly outlined details and filled in shadows with more Mars Black. This sketchy mix was then stippled with a soft round brush to blend the colors slightly. This gives me subtle mid to mid shadow tones. Again this technique was used for the mid highlights by applying patches of Titanium White and again stippling the colors to roughly blend. This will be allowed to dry and I will begin to work on final highlights and shadows before starting on details such as medals, shoulder boards and lacing, cording.

An additional wash of Mars Black was applied to the colpack as well. I will now start building highlight tones there as well, also paint the red bag.

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