Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MMSI Chicago 2011 - Part 3

Equally represented was the fantasy community with exhibits from a number of talented artists. Two of the stand out for me are shown below.

If there was anything that I disliked about the show it was the separation of fantasy and historical in two categories. I was told that this was done in the clubs ongoing effort to include all aspects of the figure painting community while still allowing the separate styles some autonomy in their displays and judging but I'm not sure how much that actually helped build camaraderie. This separation was also the case at World Expo and MFCA and I'm really troubled by the separation. Hopefully over time the two facets will feel comfortable enough to be exhibited together as one.

Mathieu Fontaine was one of two Canadian Masters whose work was on display. The two Chaos figures shown below were wonderfully painted and far more impressive than my lousy photos indicate.

I have known Rick Taylor for years as an amazing artist whose figures and flats have constantly wowed the crowds. His exhibit this year consisted of four 28mm figures in the "Painters" category and an amazing scratch/conversion of a Kabuki figure in the "Open" category. Too appreciate these pieces one truly needed to see both the front and back of each as can be seen in the photos below. I would have given anything to have been able to photograph these pieces with my set-up rather than by hand, to show the amazing patterns and designs. Hopefully you will get the idea from the pictures below.

If the photo above doesn't amaze you then there is something wrong with you. Remember, 28mm or around an inch and a half tall!!

Hopefully I will see you all at the MMSI show next year, Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for these comments.

    I fully support your point of view that historical and fantasy should not be separated. In the end we all do the same hobby, painting miniatures of different scales and subject. If historical accuracy was a factor in judging I would understand but still.

    The fantasy category should be present for these giant busts of Frankenstein and Alien we keep seeing that belongs more to the world of special effect than figurine painting.

    No matter what I'll still be attending these shows to demonstrate what fantasy is all about and make my opinion heard.

    Keep painting!