Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soldiers Roman Navarca Update #3

As of Friday progress on the Roman Navarca was moving along nicely with the leather work started and the base painted. For the leather I began with a coating of Burnt Umber and a touch of Burnt Sienna. Once dry I gave the entire surface a wash of Mars Black. Finally I worked midtones with Burnt Sienna. The next post will show highlighting on the leather.
I completed the greaves by using Burnt Umber and Mars Black for shadows and blending reflected highlights with straight Deep Gold printers ink in Grumbacher Painters Medium #1. This medium has always been my choice as a carrier for printer's inks, necessary to evenly spread and somewhat seal the tenuous nature of the metallic pigments. Indigo and White were used to paint the cloth wraps. These inks were used as the base color for the torso armor as well.
Normally I don't use kit groundwork but the assembly that comes with this kit is quite nice. I didn't have a base that fit perfectly front to back but this base is the exact width and will work very nicely. The trick is to darken the brown tones gradually as they meet the base, matching the color of the wood. Painting was straightforward, simply matching the colors shown in the box-art photos.
I spent the day today working on this figure and my progress will be shown in a posting tomorrow or Tuesday.

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  1. Jim, Very nice. I really like the base the figure is on. There are lots of great weathering type possibilities there. ~Gary