Wednesday, February 3, 2010

EMI Roman Marine - Prep

As if I don't have enough going right now I prepped this little beauty as well. This is a 54mm Roman Marine from EMI sculpted by Laruccia. These subjects are his specialty and he has done figures not only for Soldiers and most recently Art Girona but back in the day he shared his time with EMI. The owner of that company was an archaeology buff and so he kept Adriano busy doing Roman subjects for his old line. This was one of the last figures that was done for that line before they sorta diasappeared. I have placed the figure on a dark blue base with the groundwork being a sandy beach with small waves running onto the sand. It is hard to see it in these pics but I will focus on the painting of the groundwork while posting about this figure. No real point in discussing technique here as it is all the same as the other Roman subject.

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