Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soldiers Roman Navarca Completed

Just back from vacation so I thought I would post some pictures of Soldier's Roman Navarca that was completed just prior to my leaving. This is a really nice little figure and a lot of fun to paint.

I have posted pictures taken with three separate color backdrops to show how backgrounds effect the colors seen by your camera when you take pictures of your final work. I have always preferred a blue background to give me balance and consistency from one figure to the next, but a nice selection of paper backdrops in various colors will always give you the opportunity to select the color that will give you the most visually correct outcome.


  1. Really nice Jim! Although the groundwork is rather basic it's very effective to show the figure in all its beauty.

    Also love the nameplate. A little detail that shouldn't be neglected.


  2. Thanks Johan. I decided to do what I rarely do and that is to use the kit groundwork. Unless a figure comes with something REALLY good or specifically required to tell the story I always do my own work. This was such a nice little section of a Roman ship that I couldn't resist using what was offered. Yes Name plates are important and I am experimenting with some new creations now on my computer. Stopped buying engraved "Bowling Trophy" plates long ago.