Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pegaso Greek Hoplite - Completed

So here it is, nearly complete. I say that although my policy has always been that a figure should sit on the shelf for two weeks and then be revisited for mistakes or details that need that one last touch. I just didn't want to wait that time to post photos. The shield looks a bit lifeless in the pics but there are highlights and shadows on both the shield face and the cloth hanger that just don't show up in photos. I will be putting a few highlights on the shield design once dry. I will most likely have to touch a few spots with dullcoat and I will definitely need to give the metal areas some sparkle with a bit of gloss. This last bit adds just that final sparkle to non metallic technique on figures. Anyway, I hope you like it.


  1. Fantastic! The shading is excellent...

    It's a shame the portrayal in films, etc show them wearing sandals, when the natural bare foot was how it was done "in the day". I like it!

  2. Yes, we definitely like it :-) Turned out great. I love the dolphin on the shield and I don`t think that it is soooooo important to highlight and shade it more because of the size of the sculpt. But if you allow me to make a suggestion: I would recommend to add a bit of black to the darkest shades of the clothes. Just a little bit for to give the deepest shades more depth.

    I especially like his face and his eyes :-) Also the armor looks really good. The whole base is great too and make it all look perfect :-)