Saturday, September 4, 2010

Veteran Marine - Legio XII Antiqua - Completed

Another figure for the Roman collection completed. This veteran Marine from Legio XII Antiqua was a real fun piece to paint and the groundwork was a real nice experiment in what can be accomplished with simplicity and a bit of ingenuity. The base is a real nice piece of Deep blue dyed wood that I picked up at Euro-Militaire years ago and the odd shape lended itself well to this project. The bronze painted helmet appears greener in these photos than in real life. I wanted to strike a delicate balance in the hue of the golden-green bronze and it is lost in the pics. I may well do a bit of light weathering on the shield yet. I am deciding how I want to tackle that and how far I want to go. There should be some wear of course, but how much is too much? That remains to be seen.


  1. Jim, Very nice. Maybe you could just weather the bottom 1/3 or less of the shield. I really like the groundwork. The foamy water is pretty effective. ~Gary

  2. Already on it Gary. Don't know what I was thinking not weathering the shield but Mike Thomas set me straight right away on the MedRom site. I just haven't put up any pictures yet. ~Jim