Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boudica Painting Demo - Update #1

I haven't done as much with this figure as I would like but I have completed the basic colors of the undershirt sleeves and laid down a base color for what will become a woven plaid patterned dress. Once I am done with the dress I will be able to go back in and further highlight and shadow the hair details. There is a lot of shine in the paint to this point but that will be taken care of in the end. This is a natural issue with oils that I have learned to live with and fix in the final stages using a variety of methods. Every color dries to it's own level of sheen which is exactly what gives a canvas painting the look that is so desirable on the wall in a gallery and undesirable on a miniature figure. However, I wouldn't trade in my oils and the depth that I can achieve with them for any other medium.

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