Saturday, September 4, 2010

Soldiers 54mm Marcus Aurelius - Update #3

Progress continues on this Roman figure. The base is a long way from being completed as I have simply blocked out the highlights and shadows, committing myself to the hues and tones that I desire. This weekend I plan to begin working the color details of the veining and pattern in the marble floor sections. Once that is complete I will work on the column more. I plan to do a separate posting on these techniques. I hope they will be useful to someone out there. The figure progresses as well. I am at the stage where I can begin to do the final highlighting of the flesh and perhaps some strong harsh lighting shadows to fulfill the effect of the scene. You will note the current darkness of the skin tones. This will be even more obvious when you see how and where I highlight. My goal is once again to capture the light of a late afternoon sun back lighting the subject as he walks up the steps and past the column. It is a tricky plan, I just hope I can pull it off properly.

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