Sunday, September 19, 2010

EMI 5th Macedonian Legion - Update #3

I have finally been able to attach the figure to the base and all that remains is to paint the shield/spear and attach them as well. I have the shield partially completed but am not yet satisfied with how it looks so that may take some time. The concern is the design on the face of the shield. This is a heavy piece, between the weight of the figure, base and wood. This is surprising for the scale but that piece of wood weighs a lot.
Late Roman's are interesting subjects and these days with all the new releases from Soldier's we have a lot to choose from. I hope this project sparks some modelers to try this often neglected time period.


  1. Jim,

    This is very nice. I really like the setting. I have always enjoyed seeing your setting for figures. One of my favorites to this day are the Landsknecht's you did a long time ago.


  2. Thanks Joe, that was a fun piece. Maybe I should do a post about setting figures to set a stock figure or two apart from all the other same kits. That would be a fun idea. ~Jim