Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roman Gladiator Vignette - Part 8

After many months of fiddling here and there this vignette reached a milestone today with the second figure being attached to the base. I have quite a bit more detail work left but the two figures have reached the point that they can interact on the same base and soon I will be able to get this piece off the bench and into a display case (thus making room for more projects). I have been working on the leather, metal and cloth details of the Retiarius. I ended up repainting the left shoulder guard as I had been unhappy with the effect for quite sometime. Some of the details are sculpted rather soft on this figure and this has caused a bit of extra paint work to give the eye something more focused. I must be honest in saying that I will be glad when this grouping is finished. I seem to run in fits and spurts at times and have limited my work to those times when I feel inspired.

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