Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pegaso Greek Warrior - Part 3

As a change of pace and to give the Navarca an opportunity to dry a bit I spent the other night working on this Pegaso Greek Warrior a bit more. I decided to focus on refining the non-metallic painted bronze armor, padded armor and a few other details. Various mixes of Yellow Ochre, and Titanium White were used to add reflected highlights to the greaves, helmet and chest armor. The crest was completed as seen in the photos and the sword has been primed to begin painting. Once the sword is complete I will glue it and the shield to the figure so I can begin to paint the face of the shield. I will also re-attach the spear points to the shaft. I have broken them off twice and have them safely hidden away so as not to damage or lose them.
Now on to the gladiator vignette for a little work tomorrow and hopefully back to the Mayan bust sometime during the week. Full circle and soon a few things will get completed.

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