Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soldiers SR-17 Roman Legionary in Scale Armor

While looking for something to keep me occupied during last night's hockey games on TV I decided to begin prep work on this Soldiers kit of a Trajanic Legionary in scale armor sculpted as usual by the able hands of Adriano Laruccia. This subject dates A.D. 90-110 during the Dacian Wars and has a very interesting mixture of armor designed to protect against the weapons this unit faced on the field of battle. These pictures give an idea of how I create my groundwork to fit nicely on my preferred square bases.
I begin by either gluing the kit groundwork to the base and surrounding with A+B epoxy putty, or using A+B completely. This groundwork is then surrounded by sheet plastic glued to align with the edges of the wood base and trimmed down once the putty is applied.
I am always very enthusiastic by Soldiers kits especially the quality of sculpting the Laruccia presents. This kit is no exception although I must say that the casting of the lower leg section suffered from terrible mold wear that required a large amount of work to remove the excess metal from previous mold tear-out. In the end everything turned out alright but I spent hours more on prep work than I had expected. Thank god for that second game on CBC's "Hockey Night In Canada and the Sabre's road trip out west.

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