Monday, January 25, 2010

Roman Gladiator Vignette Part 5

Work continues on my gladiator vignette. Although I have been focusing on this half of the grouping I will soon begin anew on the Retiarius figure as well. I have been focusing on the metal bits and am about half way through. The cloth and belting is almost complete with only the belts on the padded shin armor to paint. Once the right arm is complete I will be able to paint all the ruffles of cloth padding seen around the separate scales. I am also working on the shield design as well. Stay tuned for future posts.


  1. Sweet... looking forward to this duel... keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

  2. Thanks for the comments. These are really great figures. - Not like you in your room with two axes in hand but still great!


    It wasn't me with the two axes, Raffaele was the guy who was crazy enough to do this at 3 am - i feel Massive Voodoo getting a bit weird on who is who... 5 Apes running the jungle already. We are trying to bring in more information to every post from now on...

    Always it is my pleasure to take a look in here :)

    Rock your brush!

  4. I`m glad to meet someone who is painting historical figures here :-) I like historical figures and painting a lot. Your Gladiator looks pretty good. Looks like oilpaints, am I right? The most of you historical guys are using oils, lol. I also tried them but unfortunatly at a 28mm sculpt and that hasn`t been quite funny, lol. Looking forward to your updates :-)
    Regards Yvonne

  5. Thanks Yvonne, yes I do paint in oils. If you go back to the very beginning of my blog you will see two G/W minis painted in oils. I am going to experiment with Vallejo paints soon but oils is what I have been painting with for 30 years so it's the medium I know.