Monday, April 18, 2011

Historicity Colaccio Beccadelli, 1330

I have been busy completing a few displays items for the upcoming MFCA show, mostly older commissions that I owe people. This bust is simply for me and is a piece that is near to my heart as it is sculpted by one of my oldest friends in the hobby and someone who contributed greatly to the old Fort Duquesne line with his work. Augie Rodriguez did a series of busts in his own line entitled "Historicity" that I was fortunate enough to receive the 2nd castings of during their release. I have had three of them in various states of completion for ten years now and recently I started back in on two of them.

When I was doing my hands on demonstration at the local "BuffCon" IPMS Show a week back I wanted something larger to paint on so that people could see what I was doing. Lets face it, 54mm figures can be tough to demonstrate on. I was having so much fun with this one that I decided to keep going. I have lots of work left to do but thought I would share my progress with everyone.

The figure is resin and I know I will get some questions about how I got such realistic metallic work on the bascinet. I use buffable metallizers over a black automotive primer base coat, buffed lightly with a Dremel and the white cotton wheel that comes in the set. I will do a posting on this after MFCA as I have a series of photos showing the technique on an older bust or two.

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