Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pegaso's 54mm Guillaume de Vienne - Toison d'Or

I have been working on a pair of Tournament Knights from Pegaso's wonderful set of knights depicting the first members of the Toison d'Or (Order of the Golden Fleece). These are for a friend of mine who has been patiently waiting for a long time to receive them. The goal is to have both for him at the upcoming MFCA show.

Pegaso has made available three kits and three accessory sets that consist of the changing headdress for all 25 of the knights that are pictured in the armoury illustrations as depicted below. Between the three figures you can choose three armament choices in each kit depending on the type of tournament competition you wish to depict (Lance, wooden sword, wooden club - the latter two for the "Melee"). Between these choices there are seemingly limitless choices for depiction.

The Order of the Golden Fleece or "Toison d'Or" was created by the Duke of Burgundy in 1430 to reinstitute the ideas of chivalry that were believed at that time to be in steady decline. For a more detailed history of the order you should go HERE.

As with all of Pegaso's kits, cleanup was a breeze and assembly straightforward. Let's face it, I like to paint figures not assemble them so the better the quality and ease of assembly the happier I am. After I had prepped all of the parts and assembled everything in sub-groups for ease of painting, I started on the figure. Due to the sheer amount of armor I took advantage of the medium and began with my usual progressive washes of color. Beginning with Prussian Blue, followed by Dioxazine Purple and Mars Black, these successive layers of color will bring out the details of the casting and add reflected color that will add to the realism once the figure is completed. After these layers dry I hand primed the face, jupon, belts, breeches etc. prior to painting.

My next post will focus on the painting of the horse.


  1. Hello! My name is Roman and me and my brother in law Eduard("Hart")have a small studio of a historic miniature CHART Figurines. Just came across your post about Le Toison d'Or Guillaime de Vienne and have to say that Eduard finished recently painting the same figure. Of cause he let go some imagination, but to me it didn't ruin much the whole concept of the figure. You may look at it here: CHART Figurines Regards. Roman

  2. Stunning Work Roman!! I have added your site to my blog list of people that keep me motivated. It is a fantastical piece but very much in keeping with the idea of tournament tabbards. I am amazed!


  3. Thanks. I'll add you to our site's blogroll as well.