Monday, April 11, 2011

Pegaso 54mm Guillaume de Vienne Toison d'Or - Completed

At last, the completed photos! I have a few little tweeks planned prior to delivery of this piece at MFCA, but for all practical purposes he is complete. Knight number two is in progress and I will have photos up on that one in a few weeks. All in all this was a fun project, and one that has sparked a widening of interests for me. Expect to see more subjects from this period along with the usual Ancients.


  1. JIm,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at Buffcon and this mounted figure along with the other displays of your work were truly inspiring.


  2. Thanks Scott. I appreciate your comments. It's always fun to get together and talk about the hobby with like-minded people.

  3. Hello Jim,

    what a great figure! I love the fantastic painted heraldry.
    Great work.
    All the best