Friday, March 8, 2013

Alfred von Tirpitz - Completed

The second newly completed piece is this portrait bust of Grossadmiral Alfred von Tirpitz in his summer naval uniform, also by Ulrich Puchala. I have to admit that of the two busts this was my favorite. I am sure that some of that is the subject matter but also the character in the face. I can see the thoughtful, soulful gaze of the seafarer in his gaze and the worn, aged look of his skin. I hope you all enjoy the completed piece as much as I do.
The one touch that I missed until posting these pictures is that there should be a gold embroidered crown just above the cuff stripes. This will be added tonight as it is a big missing error. You always discover something once the photos have been done.

I have added the following detail shots of the face and binoculars to assist those interested in painting this piece or any similar subject matter. The binoculars were copied from examples found on the internet and I was surprised to find something other than simple black when I did my research. A touch of olivey green with worn brass details and a brown leather case rather than black leather add a touch of unexpected color to the palette of blue, black, grey and white.

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