Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soldiers Gunther von Schwarzburg - Update 6

I think it has been three months short of a year since the last time I posted progress on this miniature. In my desire to clear old projects off of my bench I decided to start working on this figure again at the same time I am working on the Roman bust. In a few hours time this past Saturday I was able to get the right and left arms started as well as some work on the basic colors for the helm's decorative cloth components.
As explained before, my goal is to complete the entire figure without using any metallic paints. To that end I have been using Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Mars Black and White in various mixes to create the colors necessary to replicate the gold tones of Schwarzburg's armor. Everything seen on the gauntlets and elbow protection (or Cowter). Once dry, crisper highlights and shadows will be applied.

I also painted the base color for the back of the shield. This will be hanging by the strap from the section of fence that will be slightly behind and to the right of the figure. A coat of blue matching that of the figure was painted on the face of the shield in preparation for the beginning stages of heraldry. Stay tuned for more updates. I guarantee that they will come sooner than this one as my enthusiasm has really returned for this little project.

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