Sunday, March 24, 2013

Arthur de Richemont, Companion La Pucelle - Completed

Well, after finalizing the detail highlights on the lions, further shadows on the red (Alizarin Crimson and Black) and white surcoat (Raw Umber and Black) utilizing glazes, painting the leather ties and popping out the mail, this bust is pretty much done. I worked some more highlights into the face as well. These subtleties never seem to show up in the photos but they are evident in real life. Once cured after a week or so, any spots that still have a bit of gloss will get a quick brush coat of flat to smooth out the finish. The base plate as usual was made on my computer and printed on sticker paper prior to applying to the base.


  1. The great part of this completed bust is that I look at it, and although I technically know there's shading and highlights, I can't really spot them.....

    really nice brushwork, and good to see the completed figure paired up with a great base.



  2. Nice work especially like the surcoat detail can tell that took a bit of work

  3. Thank you to you both. It was a fun piece.