Friday, March 29, 2013

Young Miniatures Roman Signifer - Update #2

Two more photos of the bust with the sleeves base-coated in the red/black mixture. You can see from the first close-up the true nature of this base tone. Reds can be very transparent so although this will be entirely over-painted in the end, the tones will augment the lighter reds applied over top. This will also work for the deepest shadows around the armor plate.

Last night I began applying the deeper shading to the figure. The following four photos show the arm as it looks at this moment. Burnt Umber is used as a glaze to create these shadow tones, rubbing it in lightly over the effected areas. Burnt Umber is very transparent so it allows the undertones to show through like a filter.

And the head. Much of what you see beyond the front of the face will be obscured by the helmet and pelt, hence the extremely deep tones at this point. In addition to the Burnt Umber I also used Alizarin Crimson on the cheeks and the lips. This color is also transparent and mixes well with the Umber to create the deep crimson tones of cheeks and lips. The next step is the brightest, crisp highlights and painting the eyes. See you next post.

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