Friday, March 29, 2013

Young Miniatures Roman Signifer - Update #1

In my first post I commented on my thoughts regarding the accuracy of the standard provided in this new kit from Young Miniatures. I have always operated under the belief that there has to be reference for things somewhere for someone to put them in a kit and that I don't know all there is to know. With that in mind I contacted my friend Massimiliano Colombo who is cited as an influence for the bust in question. He kindly forwarded me photos that I have included below. He stated that the Medusa standard is not the Signum (seen to the right in the first photo) but is still a standard of sorts carried by his reenactment unit. He offered to find out more information for me as the opportunity arises. He is a busy, touring author in Italy and it may be a while before I have more info but what I do know is that the Medusa head is supposed to offer "invincibility" in battle for the bearer army. That being said, I am still exploring sculpting my own Aquila or Signum - hence the additional photos.

The first step for me after priming was to paint a base color on the neck scarf and areas inside the pelt, as these would be nearly impossible to complete once the head and top portion of the pelt/helmet are attached. I painted Cadmium Red Extra Deep on the effected area and shaded while still wet with Mars Black to get the deeply shaded tones I required. Much of this area will be obscured by the head and helmet but any areas that should be brighter can be easily touched with a brush after assembly.

The next three pictures are set side by side to show the beginning stages of the painting process. From left to right they are as follows; 1.) Initial coat of Burnt Sienna mixed with a bit of Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Deep and a tiny touch of Yellow Ochre. This was applied and the excess removed with a soft, flat brush. 2.)  First layers of mid-range highlighting applied using Titanium White and Cadmium Yellow Deep. This is slowly built up until the mid-tones are complete. 3.) Indigo added to areas where stubble will be to "Grey" out the flesh tone. Additional highlighting is applied to pop out these areas. The face is then allowed to dry.

The same process is shown completed in the photos below for the arm. Indigo was used to grey out the veins a bit on the back of his hand. This is subtle and doesn't really show up properly in these photos.

The same Cadmium Red Extra Deep - Mars Black tones were applied to the figure's sleeves.


  1. Can't wait to see that one finished - I love the Young busts too and really like your work on the skin so far. Looking forwards to metal time!!!

    1. Thanks Roman, I do like these busts. The metal should be interesting. Using my inks and oils together, dark to light. I should be able to post more progress on Monday.