Saturday, March 16, 2013

Arthur de Richemont - Update #1

Once I had completed the last two busts I was able to continue on Arthur. I have done quite a bit of subtle shadow and highlight work on the white and red portions of the bust as well as further shadowing of the fur and cap.

The fur was shaded with varying mixes of Burnt Umber and Mars Black beginning with the darkest mixture on the bottom of the fur and progressively more brown on the upper portions of the fur. I still need to work some more highlights into the grey cloth on the cap prior to various highlight tones on the fur.

The lions began with a coat of Mars Yellow followed by a wash of Burnt Umber and Mars Black. These devices will be picked out in varying tones of Yellow Ochre and Titanium White once dry.

The next steps will include painting of the ermine devices on the white surcoat (see heraldry in first post), completion of the lions, hat and further highlights and shadows to pull it all together.


  1. Wow... great work!... congratulations...!

  2. Thanks a lot, still a long way to go to completion. ~Jim