Saturday, June 13, 2009

2 Fantasy Pieces

These two figures were my total production over the past few years prior to now. They were fun little experiments painting in a scale I wasn't used to. Both are Games Workshop 40K minis, the first being a Chaos Nurgle Warlord and the second a Battle Sister. As with my larger figures I tried to do more than simply paint a figure and slap it on a base. The Sister's groundwork was actually made from a piece of PVC pipe and various bits of plastic and metal screen. Both are painted in oils.


  1. Very nicely done. I like it! I used to paint both the GW Fantasy line (Orcs, Empire, Brets, etc) and the 40k (Space Marines & Space Orks), along with Mordheim and Quest figs. This was my substitute hobby, until the wife let me get back in to model trains. Would love to see some of your dioramas...

  2. I think they are damn good if one keep in mind that you have painted them with oils. I find it very hard to paint smaller figures with oils, but you did a good job at them :-)

  3. Thanks, it was a challenge using oils in such a small scale. I do a lot of glazing and crisp edge highlights now in my larger scale figures because of methods I tried on these as well as watching how acrylic painters use their medium.