Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pegaso Greek Warrior - In Progress Part 2

As promised here is the shield in progress. I have painted the inside of the shield completely in order to attach it to the arm once the figure is ready. The shadow work is a bit washed out in this picture (I am still working on my digital photography skills). Once I see how the shield looks on the figure I will darken the shadows of the bronze work and lighten the highlights. One of the tricks of painting metallics this way is to actually look at the figure complete and at proper angles to ambient room light. This helps me see better what will be required to trick the eye. I also need to work on more details of the shield banner. The front of the shield has had the base color for bronze and the painted field completed. This gives you a good idea of what I start with for bronze compared to the bronze at 80% completion. The checker pattern will also be on the front of the banner and I am going to use a bull motif on the shield. My next posting will probably be pics of the completed bust I am working on. See ya next time.

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