Monday, June 15, 2009

Something New 2 - Pegaso 75mm Roman Officer of the Equites

This figure was started over the winter. As you can tell I really have a thing about Roman subject matter. There has been some debate over the accuracy of this figure as a whole on the MedRom forum and although I agree with their observations I love the figure and couldn't pass up an opportunity to tackle all the little fiddly details. Although I am technically finished with this piece I may still add some decorative details to the cloak's edge as well as playing with the sheen of the leather pteruges and flattening the cloak's finish once I have done the edging (or not). You will note that I didn't use non-metallic paint techniques on this figure's armor. I usually use the metal of the kit with various colored washes for steel and gold printer's inks mixed with oil colors for bronze/brass in this scale or larger. I just like the look better that way on larger scale work.

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  1. The figures look good Jim. I'd go ahead and add some decorative edging to the cloak. It would help compliment the decorative nature of his armor. ~Gary