Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pegaso Greek Warrior - In Progress

I've never been able to work on one figure at a time. That being the case, along with a bust I'm working on, I started this little gem from Pegaso. The sculpting is excellant and the figure lends itself well to some nice detail painting on the shield. I had just purchased the three Periscopio Publications books on Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis so I was feeling a bit inspired. The figure is probably about half finished at this point, needing a lot of detail work. The groundwork is A+B Putty that has been worked with a Dremel tool. It has gone through about five washes of color, each slowly building the color tone I desire. The shaft of the spear was replaced with actual wood, something I like to do for effect. The armor is in-progress as well. The bronze work lends itself well to the non-metallic techniques described previously. I will show the shield in progress in my next post.

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