Friday, June 19, 2009

Roman Gladiator Vignette - In Progress Part 3

As with my last post, this figure's highlights and shadows have been completed on the flesh. In addition I have begun work on the armor and the clothing. Holbein's Cadmium Maroon was used as the base for the cloth. Work on this will continue once dry. The bronze armor begins with a mixture of Mars Black and Yellow Ochre followed by a wash of Mars Black once dry. The helmet was given light washes of Prussian Blue, Dioxazin Purple and Mars Black (in that order) to give tone and depth to the metal. The same bronze base was used on the eyeguards. For the leather wrist wrap on the shield arm, I used Asphaltum with Titanium White wet-on-wet highlighting, Burnt Umber for the shadows and a Mars Black wash on the lacing to outline the details. Further refining of all these details will continue as the figure progresses. One of the key things to note here for those who follow painters who work in acrylics is that the entire figure is a step by step progression. As I have observed progress from acrylic painters, I have noted that figures get completed section by section. That has always fascinated me as the lengthy drying time involved in oil work necessitates my working on the entire figure as a whole.

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  1. Jim, I really like the way the flesh has turned out on these figures.~Gary