Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kazimierz Pulaski, Savannah 1779 - Adalbertus

Adalbertus was a name that I had never heard of before, but Matt Springer is a name that everyone knows. I have known Matt for many years and have greatly enjoyed watching him become one of the hobby's true grandmaster sculptors. As with many of my friends I had lost touch over the years. So imagine my surprise upon picking up the box for this bust and seeing Matt's name in the really fine print as the sculptor. Naturally I had to have the kit. Once opened I needed to start it straight away. There is a certain proud, majestic quality to the portrait's pose that attracts the artist in me. Every aspect of this kit was a joy to paint. Oil paints were used throughout with gold and silver printer's inks for the metallic bits. W&N Prussian Blue and Indigo were mixed to achieve the blue of the jacket with a touch of Mars Black to further draw out the greyish quality to the cloth. Various tones of Liquitex Deep Cadmium Red were used on the jacket facing. A fine piece of American Revolutionary War and Polish history, this bust is highly recommended.


  1. Hey Jim,,

    Very nice work on the bust. It is a pleasure to see your work again.


  2. Jim,

    Thanks for posting this nice review and your great brush work. I'm very glad you like the piece. Beautiful paint job!!


  3. Jim, That looks really good. Matt's sculpting has come a long way that's for sure. ~Gary

  4. Thanks Matt & Gary, I really had a great time. I want to tackle the Ernst of Hanover after I complete my next bust project (Mayan Priest from Pegaso - I'm probably one of the few that liked Apocalypto). I'm also smitten with that new Landsknecht bust from Yuri Serabryakov.

  5. Dude! I stumbled on this site and it's great to see you are still painting to a high standard. Hope all's well,

    Pete Culos