Monday, June 15, 2009

Something New - Pegaso 54mm Gladiator "Scissors"

So here is my first new figure in ages. I must admit to having started this piece about 6 years ago and then it got put away. Once I started painting again I decided to finish it at the same time that I started the other figure you will see in my next post. What was really new for me was my decision to paint all of the metallic bits using a non-metallic painting process. I had previously attempted this on my Caesar vignette (More on that later) with some limited success. I wanted to create some well worn Bronze armor for this figure and so I started with a Raw Umber and Mars Black mix for the base coat, and more Mars Black in the form of a glaze followed by a wash to add further depth to the shadows. Successively lighter glazes of Yellow Ochre mixed with Mars Black through pure Yel. Och. to Yel. Och with Tit. White for final highlights, brought the color and effect to what you see now. The mail is various gray shades up to pure white. Am I happy? - Yes absolutely. Am I satisfied? - No Never!

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