Friday, June 19, 2009

Roman Gladiator Vignette - In Progress Part 4

Okay so you were probably wondering what was hanging off of the one gladiator's arm. Here are in-progress shots of the shield. I have completed the front covered surface using a blending/stippling effect and have started painting the shield boss using the same mixture described in the previous post. The inside of the shield has been started and will eventually be woodgrain. You can see the shadowed base tone has been applied, over which I will use transparent layers of color to create an appearance of wood. It won't be as visible due to the pose of the figure but some of the effect will still be seen. The edging of the shield will be painted once the shield has been attached to the figure's arm.


  1. Awesome paint job on the shield! Could you please tell me what colors you used and how you painted it?

  2. Sure Ron, white basecoat as always, with Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and a bit of Mars Black stippled on the inside to give the leathery appearance. The reds are stippled Cadmium Red Deep and Very Deep from the old Liquitex line but you could add black to Deep Cad Red to get the same shades. Where I mention stippling, I put daubs of the various colors on the shield face and then stipple with a soft round brush. This gives the colors a soft semi-blended effect that tricks the eye a bit.

    Thanks for the comments.